what do you think?


This copywriter was asking r/advertising to critique. Here's what he said...

Spec ad for Banana Republic/J. Crew, etc. for a new line of better-fitting shirts targeted at men. Esp. men who can't find slim shirts with long enough sleeves, so they always end up rolling the sleeves up.

Two headlines:

"Free the sleeves."


"Free your sleeves."

Which is better? Why? For the sake of this exercise let's say these are the only two options...so any opinions like "they both suck" won't really be helpful.


I'm leaning toward "free your sleeves" because it's directed at the consumer, obviously. But I like "free the sleeves" because it sounds like "free the slaves" and would garner attention for that reason...making people do a double take. It seems a tad more clever. I dunno. Maybe I'm just tired and neither is a good idea.