website critique - top cat

I put numbers on some of the elements on this page as reference. You'll have to click on the image to see more details. Let's go over them one by one.

The image above, is what marketers typically call above the fold. This is your make-it-or-break-it moment. Everything that should be on this part of your website should motivate your prospect to stay and look around.

From experience, fancy graphics is "ok" but may not be that effective. I'd rather use a headline that will highlight your main message. If you have one, I'd use a video that summarizes the benefits that your prospect will get. Immediately below that message, you have testimonials from satisfied customers, more proof elements on how you can help them, plus links to more information.

( 1 ) The font is too small... gray font on black background looks slick, but quite unreadable. The text box script is too fast to read. I think the message used in this text box only tells them stuff they already know and expect from your industry in general.

( 2 ) This is still prime real estate. You need to use this space and tell your prospect what makes YOU different from everyone else.

( 3 ) The background image is good. It tells people what this page is about... what business you are in.

( 4 ) So much space... I'd rather move that brand down, place that in the footer. People do not care much about your brand until they know what's in it for them. Use this space to sell.

To summarize, everything you have above the fold should be about, "what I can do for you"...benefits that people will buy. Use text, video, images... anything that will best send that message. Make it easy for them to find what they are looking for.