real estate online ad

This is the ad as I found it in facebook.

The headline is good. It flags potential buyers looking for an investment property that is within their budget. The ad then gives information about the product.

There's still room for improvement on this facebook ad. I think the headline can be made more specific. I don't think real estate investors do not care much about affordability. They want an investment that will make money for them. That's where I'd start tweaking the headline.

If I were an investor, I'd click on the ad to find out more. This one opens up to their website...

The layout is good. I can select an image of the product and it comes up large and center. What I found wanting is that the description of the property. I think the copy could have been better.

How much better?

I would write about the neighborhood, details about the traffic around the property, and all that stuff. Investors might also be curious about the structural integrity of the building--in case improvements are needed.

A google map might come in handy. This way, interested buyers can zoom in or out to check out what is in the vicinity... how accessible it is to traffic, etc.

Everything has a story. People like stories. Find the story about this property, write about it and you have an ad that will sell.

As for closers, I'd mention how much interest there is in the property... how many inquiries were made, how many have actually seen the property and have submitted a proposal to buy (or something like that).

I'd also mention some sort of deadline. This will get those fence-sitters off their butt and initiate contact.

I just drove the kids to school. One of my daughters is sick, but wanted to go to school for the class picture taking. She said she's going to ask for leave to go home immediately after the picture taking. This means I wouldn't be able to go out for a bike ride this morning.

I enjoy riding my bike. It's my daily break from all that creates stress.

I think I'll do yoga instead... probably take a walk in the park later in the afternoon when all kids are back from school.

Enjoy your day!