change in direction

I am making changes to this blog.

Instead of writing about my opinion on copywriting and internet marketing, I am going to write about my experience in this business from here on.

There are a lot of "drama" happening in my line of work.

Like recently, there was this client who was always getting the wrong kind of help from odesk. She claims that she's always getting odesk contractors who were not competent enough to do the job, or that the contractor doesn't do the job at all.

There was also this app developer who claimed he was doing email marketing. Looking deeper into his marketing program, I found that he was simply spamming his target market--not a good way to grow a business.

Every copywriting assignment is unique. The client, the project, the target audience... these are just some of the factors that come into play. There's plenty of surprises in here that I can share with you in the coming weeks.