affiliate marketing, the right way

If you had to start over from scratch, knowing what you know now, what would you do differently?

1. Don't listen to people who don't make money.

2. Don't read marketing forums - everyones an idiot. EVERYONE. I know most of these clowns as I'm in with many inner circles. This includes people on,, etc.

3. Do Affiliate Marketing FIRST AND FOREMOST. Once you know how to be an affilaite online, you develop skillsets immediately like how to generate responsive converting traffic, and how to make conversions, you learn about ad copy, and quite frankly, you develop long term skillsets that will serve you in the long run when you want to create your own info product or market a software.

4. Most online marketing gurus are absolute jokes. I know most of them personally and have met them in real life, and shared the stage at conferences with some of them.

5. I'd take it a step at a time. Focus at ONE thing, and don't get easily distracted by all the other gimmicks and bullshit online. When you focus at one strategy to make money, and make your first $1 - it's really just a matter of repeating and scaling.