this is getting old

... and it's frustrating.

I was doing research on "facebook mareting" on youtube. I found an interesting video. There was a link to a website. I click on it wanting to get more information...

This email signup form pops up and wouldn't go away unless I give them my email address.

Why should I give them my email address?

Almost every internet marketing website offers $xxx worth of something for free if you give them your email. There's nothing unique about this offer that will get me to give them an email address.

I'm not sure I want to have their spam on my inbox. Why insist on getting my email address when they haven't convinced me that there's a benefit for me down the line?

Frustrated, I decided to not see what's in their website.

I wonder.... how many people are turned off by such greed?

real estate online ad

This is the ad as I found it in facebook.

The headline is good. It flags potential buyers looking for an investment property that is within their budget. The ad then gives information about the product.

There's still room for improvement on this facebook ad. I think the headline can be made more specific. I don't think real estate investors do not care much about affordability. They want an investment that will make money for them. That's where I'd start tweaking the headline.

If I were an investor, I'd click on the ad to find out more. This one opens up to their website...

The layout is good. I can select an image of the product and it comes up large and center. What I found wanting is that the description of the property. I think the copy could have been better.

How much better?

I would write about the neighborhood, details about the traffic around the property, and all that stuff. Investors might also be curious about the structural integrity of the building--in case improvements are needed.

A google map might come in handy. This way, interested buyers can zoom in or out to check out what is in the vicinity... how accessible it is to traffic, etc.

Everything has a story. People like stories. Find the story about this property, write about it and you have an ad that will sell.

As for closers, I'd mention how much interest there is in the property... how many inquiries were made, how many have actually seen the property and have submitted a proposal to buy (or something like that).

I'd also mention some sort of deadline. This will get those fence-sitters off their butt and initiate contact.

I just drove the kids to school. One of my daughters is sick, but wanted to go to school for the class picture taking. She said she's going to ask for leave to go home immediately after the picture taking. This means I wouldn't be able to go out for a bike ride this morning.

I enjoy riding my bike. It's my daily break from all that creates stress.

I think I'll do yoga instead... probably take a walk in the park later in the afternoon when all kids are back from school.

Enjoy your day!


For me, this is what the path is about--being good at what you do, yet always looking for ways to get better.

Jiro, Dreams of Sushi. This documentary is available on

update odesk profile

I decided to update my profile overview on odesk. What do you think?

You are probably thinking, "there are hundreds of copywriters out there, why choose this one?"

Spare me a minute of your time while I tell you a short story about my work background....

I have been working in sales since my college days. I took door to door jobs selling things like encyclopedias, insurance, magazine subscriptions. Over the years, I moved up, from selling cars, then being a rep for pharmaceuticals, and eventually, sold investments as a stockbroker.

My sales work evolved from knocking door to door into telemarketing and networking with qualified prospects. I had to work every day. On my free time, I was on “network” mode spending time with clients hoping to get more business from them. I was in "sell mode", selling one-to-one.

And then I met Dan.

Dan was a copywriter specializing in Direct Response Advertising. If you've come across one of those investment newsletters, or sales letters that you get in your mailbox--that's the kind of copywriting that my friend Dan was doing. He was so good at it that, Dan would work on a sales letter for a couple of months, then kick back the rest of the year enjoying the fruits of his labor.

One time, Dan introduced me to one of his business partners, Bob. With Dan writing for Bob's investment newsletter, they were able to grow the business into a multi-million dollar venture. The last time I heard from Dan, he was retired and travelling all over the world with his loved ones.

Who wouldn't want that?

Although I was making money as a stockbroker, I too, wanted whatever Dan was having. I quit my job and apprenticed with Dan. That was back in 1998.

Today, I own several businesses that I started on the internet. I have a few websites that are generating a good amount of passive income for me. These different websites sell e-books on diverse subjects such as:

- how to win playing cash games in online poker
- weight loss for middle aged adults
- trading foreign currencies online on your free time
- how to migrate to New Zealand with your whole family
- how to market your product/service on the internet
- a few more that are still in its infancy stage.

Here's a sales funnel page that I have from two of these money-making websites--

You might be wondering, “if you are making money with your business, why are you looking for clients in odesk?”


I do this to improve my skills as a copywriter. I want to develop my skills by taking on copywriting assignments that are a bit outside of my comfort zone. Like professional athletes, copywriters too, seek to elevate their game not by reading books but by practice and playing the game.

Don't worry. I am not going to steal your idea from you. I am here to help. It doesn't matter to me if I make less money helping you grow your business. The insights that I gain from any copywriting assignment is more than enough compensation for me in the long run.

If you are looking for someone to help you grow your business who knows how to market and build a business on the internet
...someone who knows how to influence people and win them over
...a writer who understands the sales process and knows how to close potential customers for you--I could be the kind of help you are looking for.

Why not give me a try? Simply click on that link/button to schedule me for an interview today.

Here's the link, in case you want to see how it looks like.

I made a few more tweaks to this profile overview. To find the latest edit, kindly visit the site.

affiliate marketing, the right way

If you had to start over from scratch, knowing what you know now, what would you do differently?

1. Don't listen to people who don't make money.

2. Don't read marketing forums - everyones an idiot. EVERYONE. I know most of these clowns as I'm in with many inner circles. This includes people on,, etc.

3. Do Affiliate Marketing FIRST AND FOREMOST. Once you know how to be an affilaite online, you develop skillsets immediately like how to generate responsive converting traffic, and how to make conversions, you learn about ad copy, and quite frankly, you develop long term skillsets that will serve you in the long run when you want to create your own info product or market a software.

4. Most online marketing gurus are absolute jokes. I know most of them personally and have met them in real life, and shared the stage at conferences with some of them.

5. I'd take it a step at a time. Focus at ONE thing, and don't get easily distracted by all the other gimmicks and bullshit online. When you focus at one strategy to make money, and make your first $1 - it's really just a matter of repeating and scaling.


change in direction

I am making changes to this blog.

Instead of writing about my opinion on copywriting and internet marketing, I am going to write about my experience in this business from here on.

There are a lot of "drama" happening in my line of work.

Like recently, there was this client who was always getting the wrong kind of help from odesk. She claims that she's always getting odesk contractors who were not competent enough to do the job, or that the contractor doesn't do the job at all.

There was also this app developer who claimed he was doing email marketing. Looking deeper into his marketing program, I found that he was simply spamming his target market--not a good way to grow a business.

Every copywriting assignment is unique. The client, the project, the target audience... these are just some of the factors that come into play. There's plenty of surprises in here that I can share with you in the coming weeks.