Looking for a good clickbank ad

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These past few weeks, I have been busy optimizing a few of my websites for affiliate marketing.

It's exciting to see that a website can generate income on its own, even if it were just a few cents per day.

There are a number of merchants that I can use on clickbank, but most of the ads offer too much hype. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of affiliate ads in there to choose from. The one that I picked for my affiliate site offered less hype, but still did not match my taste.

Maybe I should contact these merchants and offer them my copywriting service.

The problem with their ads? They all look the same. It's like it was written by one copywriter. Here, see for yourself...

Go through the clickbank marketplace, click on a few of the products and you will see what I mean.

You will find these a common theme:
  • Headline in red, bold font
  • A sales video
  • Bullets as checkmarks
  • A "buy now" button showing credit cards accepted
  • Glowing testimonials
  • Too much hype

What's wrong with ads like these?

Let's face it. There's just too many ads out there. Way too much. Wouldn't it be nice to just find the information I want without being sold to? That's what everyone else wants. To get their attention, provide value information first, not as a bait.

It's inevitable that you are going to sell them something, that's how we make money. If so, why make your ad read like everyone else's?

The majority of ads on clickbank, they sound too good to be true. As the affiliate, I am going to have to put up with a lot of dead-weight just to gain my audience's trust to get them to buy the product.

Besides, if you are like me, we all know the kind of information that's being given away for free in exchange for an email address--information that you probably already know from doing your own research.

What's annoying about this ad featured above is that it takes four clicks just to close that webpage. It keeps coming up with "wait--here's more!"

Soon as I find my ideal clickbank product and ad, I'll post them here.

I found one. You will find it in the navigation bar above--"Youtube Marketing"