Website Critique: Car Deals Finder

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This is what your prospect sees when they first find your website.

"Why stress when you can have Carmony" is vague, not specific. The play on words (Carmony = harmony) makes sense for you, but you're not sure everyone else is going to get it.

Why not use "Quick and competitive quotes for new car purchases," instead?

Looking around, I think this will make a better welcome message to your prospect when they find your website...

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Do you want to gain more credibility with car buyers?
  1. From their point of view, 24-hours is a long time to get those quotes. Show them why it takes that long, and how you are able to get the best quotes from car dealers--so they save time not having to shop around.
  2. It might help to explain how and why it's possible for them to get a $250 cash back after the sale.