This youtube marketer doesn't know how to sell

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In the first five seconds, you get...
Hi, my name is Jawad

After many trial and errors, finally! I figured out a system through which anybody can bring in flood of FREE targeted traffic to any website with Youtube marketing within minutes of applying this system.

No matter in which niche you are. You are an Affiliate marketer, CPA marketer or just even an Adsense earner, this system works for everybody and for every niche. You will be getting tons of free targeted traffic and your visitors will be making you money day and night clockwise. I challenge you this is fastest way of getting traffic from Youtube to any site of any niche. Actually there are many ways to earn using Youtube. Like, CPA Offers, Affiliate Marketing, Adsense, Selling Physical Products and even providing your own services etc. But whatever the making money method you use, the main thing is you need traffic and lots of targeted traffic to make big money and I will show you how in the Youtube Tornado e-Book. I applied this system on my Adsense Youtube channel, for a Physical Product, CPA Offers, Adbrite and for some CB affiliate products.


Your website copy reads too much like an ad. Somehow, this reads like either you wrote this ad yourself, or you hired a $5 per hour copywriter on the internet.

The copy doesn't grab you...

Too much text...

The header is not appealing...

The graphics and color combination doesn't work...

If you want to make your website work:
  • Be specific--how much traffic per day?
  • "Boat load" of cash? Tell me how much approximately?
  • First 5-seconds, tell your prospect your best message

Every Tom, Dick and Harry are making the same claims as you are. You need to make your offer unique from everyone else--and make it work for the prospect.

Making big claims IS NOT marketing.

This is why half of the copywriting process is about research. You need to know what's out there and how you are going to CONNECT with your audience. You can't just slap promises of big money on your website expecting your prospect to buy that.

To come up with good copy for your site, get a copy of the Reader's Digest. You will find several direct response ads in between the articles.

Try to rewrite your copy based on how those direct response ads were written--headline, subheadline, lead paragraph, proof, etc. Change only the words and ideas into what you want your prospect to know about your brand.

If you do not have access to copywriting critique, ask yourself--if you were to read "your" website, would you buy what it is trying to sell?

It's back to the drawing board for you my friend.