Tattoo Website - White Text On Black Background

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I need a new front page written for TargettattooDOTcom. Can you make it more sales oriented, and based on the content already there but be more modern and engaging...?

No matter how good your website copy is, it will not convert as much because people won't read them. White text, or for that matter, any other colored text on a dark background is difficult to read.

The only times this design will work is when you have an all-media website with very little text. The dark background will enhance visibility for the media.

Think of it this way... there are hundreds of tattoo websites out there competing with yours. If your prospect finds it difficult to find what they want on your site, they will surely go to someone else's website.

If you will insist on using a dark background, do not rely on text. Show your design images in high definition. Use videos showing why your brand is what they are looking for. Take a look at this video...

Better yet, use a black text on white background for your website to convert traffic. To showcase your tattoo designs and other works of art, use dark background. You can pull this off working with a good designer.