I really wanted this, but...

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This is one copywriter position that I wanted to get...

WANTED: Are You A Master Copywriter?
I am looking for a copywriter who is interested in ongoing work.

NOTE: I am only selecting the TOP candidate.

What you will get out of this role:

- Frequent and varied projects to work on.
- You will have the opportunity to work with one of the world's most successful copywriters.
- You will have access to the greatest copywriting resources on the planet (including a HUGE library of RARE swipe files!)


Before you apply, make sure you meet ALL of the below criteria:

- You must be reliable
- You must be a GREAT communicator (always available on skype/email, always updating me on progress)
- You must have PROOF of converting copy (conversion rates, sales figures, revenue generated, etc)
- You must be VERY good at English
- You must have experience writing salesletters and email campaigns

In your application:

- List your top 3 favourite copywriters and WHY
- List your top 3 copywriting products (books, seminars, audios courses, etc) and WHY
- List the niches you have experience in
- Attach your BEST copywriting sample

I look forward to hearing from you!

PS - This is an ongoing role so the listed budget is just a guide. The pay rate will be discussed with the successful candidate.

Here is the cover letter that I sent...


I am not the best applicant for the copywriting position here in odesk--my only claim is that I am different. Here's my story...

In my younger days, I was a door to door encyclopedia salesman. This was in the early 90's. In the late 90's, I was a Securities Salesman selling investments. To get clients, I wore out the nub on my fingers telemarketing.

The heavens must have seen that I was enjoying what I was doing, and so the gods introduced me to Daniel Rosenthal. I did not know who he was, only that he said he wrote advertising.

We became such good friends that he offered to write and publish an ad to help me get clients to sell investments to--for FREE. And that's when I discovered the power of Direct Response Advertising.

With that one ad that Dan wrote, I got more clients in one day than I ever got as a career salesman. In the succeeding weeks, I was practically giving away new clients to the other salesmen in the company. I even had to hire two assistants just to cope with the demand.

I realized then, that Dan knew the secrets to the Holy Grail. I quit my job and started working with Dan as an apprentice.

I meet all of your requirements as a copywriter, except for proof that my copywriting can convert.

Almost all of the copywriting work that I get from odesk, the employer hardly gives any feedback whether my copywriting got them new business for them or not.

As a true salesman yourself, you can tell while reading my cover letter, and the attached file whether I know what I am doing or not.

3 favorite copywriters:
- Daniel Rosenthal, because he was my mentor in the late 90's back in Manila
- Gary Bencivenga
- Tie between Claude Hopkins and John Caples

3 favorite copywriting resource:
- Gary Bencivenga's last and only seminar
- Scientific advertising
- Tested Advertising Methods

Niches I wrote for:
- Web applications
- Finance
- Self Improvement

From what I learned from Dan, he said that the best way to learn how to write good copy is by experience.

To be honest, I am confident about my copywriting skills, and yet, I know that I can always be a better copywriter by going out of my comfort zone.

In aikido (that's where I met Dan), and in other martial arts, they say that you will learn much from your Sensei and all the black belts in the dojo. Over time, I found out that a true artist learns from everyone else... specially from one's Self.

I don't care much whether you choose to take me under your wings, or not. I am hoping that you wouldn't. This way, I will be forced to fend for myself in this craft. I will learn from the greatest teacher of all.

I wish you the best.


Jim Syyap

When I first wrote this cover letter, I really wanted to be that person that you will hire. But as I wrote more, I realized that I can improve my skills whether I work with you or not. Thank you for posting this want ad. I never would have made that realization without it.