Accountant's Website Needs An Upgrade

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Certified Public Accountant website needs content to be updated and jazzed up. Some SEO work but want more fresh content on site. More in line with clients. Marketing contact should be aimed at Medical professionals in and around my area.

Clients, medical professionals from startup in practice to new grades that need advice and help in accounting and tax area.

New medical professionals and what they need after working in hospital and starting new practice. Find out and focus on what they need and what I can do for them.

I'm going to address the issues on your website one at a time, and how we can optimize them for better conversion. I am going to limit this analysis on what I see above the fold, that part of your site people see without having to scroll down.

First 5 seconds
First, you need to get rid of your title, "Howard & Associates CPA... Certified Public Accountants."

use benefit headline
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Your website is like real estate. Where that title is sitting on is the best location in your website. It's the first thing that your prospect will see when they land on your website.

When it comes to brand names, your prospect knows what it is by the time they visit your website, or they don't really care what your brand is. What they care more about is what they will get out of it--"What's in it for me?"

There's a number of benefit headlines that we can use for the title. Looking through your website copy, I think fine-tuning these will do better to flag potential clients--
Reduce your taxes... Make better business decisions... and learn how to grow your wealth.

Site navigation
Instead of using a three-column template, use the two-column template where the sidebar is on the right side. This way, your prospect's attention is focused on the message you want them to see.

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Your site's navigation can either go right below your Benefit Headline, or on the right sidebar.

Get rid of the weather widget, as well as the stock price widget. In their place, you can place a text widget that changes everytime they visit your website. In that widget, give them accounting tips and tricks that they can use in their business.

For SEO, I suggest you update your site with fresh content at least once a week. This could come in the form of blogs (your insights and opinions), Q&A, tutorials, etc.

For engagement, allow visitors to leave a comment on the content that you will post on your site. You can choose to get a Facebook fan page, but it's not a necessity. It will only spread your traffic thin.

I'd also recommend making youtube videos once every three weeks or so, where you give out valuable tips and tutorials. In terms of money and effort involved, it doesn't cost much to make these videos--you will be amazed at the traffic and credibility you will gain from them.