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This youtube marketer doesn't know how to sell

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In the first five seconds, you get...
Hi, my name is Jawad

After many trial and errors, finally! I figured out a system through which anybody can bring in flood of FREE targeted traffic to any website with Youtube marketing within minutes of applying this system.

No matter in which niche you are. You are an Affiliate marketer, CPA marketer or just even an Adsense earner, this system works for everybody and for every niche. You will be getting tons of free targeted traffic and your visitors will be making you money day and night clockwise. I challenge you this is fastest way of getting traffic from Youtube to any site of any niche. Actually there are many ways to earn using Youtube. Like, CPA Offers, Affiliate Marketing, Adsense, Selling Physical Products and even providing your own services etc. But whatever the making money method you use, the main thing is you need traffic and lots of targeted traffic to make big money and I will show you how in the Youtube Tornado e-Book. I applied this system on my Adsense Youtube channel, for a Physical Product, CPA Offers, Adbrite and for some CB affiliate products.

My very first info product

I'm turning a new page in my business today.

I have finished the info product that I am going to market on the internet. Next step for me is to write the ad/website for the product, then broadcast on adwords.

I have two more in the pipeline. Soon as I finish publishing the ad for this first info product, I will begin work on the other two.

What I can guarantee you is that this blog is not going to be plastered with advertising/affiliate ads. That's not my style. I am going to mention the ad as a link now and then, but only to point something out.

I can also publish the earnings from that business in here in the coming months--but only if enough people were to comment that they want to see them.

I really wanted this, but...

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This is one copywriter position that I wanted to get...

WANTED: Are You A Master Copywriter?
I am looking for a copywriter who is interested in ongoing work.

NOTE: I am only selecting the TOP candidate.

What you will get out of this role:

- Frequent and varied projects to work on.
- You will have the opportunity to work with one of the world's most successful copywriters.
- You will have access to the greatest copywriting resources on the planet (including a HUGE library of RARE swipe files!)


Before you apply, make sure you meet ALL of the below criteria:

- You must be reliable
- You must be a GREAT communicator (always available on skype/email, always updating me on progress)
- You must have PROOF of converting copy (conversion rates, sales figures, revenue generated, etc)
- You must be VERY good at English
- You must have experience writing salesletters and email campaigns

In your application:

- List your top 3 favourite copywriters and WHY
- List your top 3 copywriting products (books, seminars, audios courses, etc) and WHY
- List the niches you have experience in
- Attach your BEST copywriting sample

I look forward to hearing from you!

PS - This is an ongoing role so the listed budget is just a guide. The pay rate will be discussed with the successful candidate.

Google Analytics - Last 30 days

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Looking good, doesn't it?
  • Average time on site is +4 minutes
  • Average page per visit +3
  • +37% returning visits

Website critique - affiliate marketing website

Project overview:
The client is an affiliate marketer for several products. For this particular website, she markets tests for ADHD. Her target market are people who suspects that they, or someone they know, has ADHD.

To market their brand on the internet, the client had a facebook fan page, and a separate sales website. I took a screenshot of the sales page for every time I hit page down. This way, you can get an idea of how the previous copywriter's copy elements tie together.

At a glance, you can smell the SPAM from a mile away. I don't have data on conversion, but I can tell that the client was not happy about it.

This is what the client's sales page looks like every time you hit page down on your keyboard (click on the image to see more)...

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How can I become an advertising copywriter without paying for copywriting school?

We learn by going where we want to go. - Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way

White belt level
There are a number of ways to get a crack in this field. All of them are valid, and depends on what you will make out of it.

Website Critique: Car Deals Finder

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This is what your prospect sees when they first find your website.

"Why stress when you can have Carmony" is vague, not specific. The play on words (Carmony = harmony) makes sense for you, but you're not sure everyone else is going to get it.

Why not use "Quick and competitive quotes for new car purchases," instead?

Looking around, I think this will make a better welcome message to your prospect when they find your website...

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Do you want to gain more credibility with car buyers?
  1. From their point of view, 24-hours is a long time to get those quotes. Show them why it takes that long, and how you are able to get the best quotes from car dealers--so they save time not having to shop around.
  2. It might help to explain how and why it's possible for them to get a $250 cash back after the sale.

Tattoo Website - White Text On Black Background

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I need a new front page written for TargettattooDOTcom. Can you make it more sales oriented, and based on the content already there but be more modern and engaging...?

Accountant's Website Needs An Upgrade

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Certified Public Accountant website needs content to be updated and jazzed up. Some SEO work but want more fresh content on site. More in line with clients. Marketing contact should be aimed at Medical professionals in and around my area.

Clients, medical professionals from startup in practice to new grades that need advice and help in accounting and tax area.

New medical professionals and what they need after working in hospital and starting new practice. Find out and focus on what they need and what I can do for them.