What To Do So That Your Audience Will Listen

advertising for facebook fan page
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This ad doesn't really offer much benefit to the reader. I went to their Facebook fan page, and then their website looking for that tag-line that offers a benefit the reader will buy. The best that they can come up with was--

We are building technology that addresses Social Advertising needs by amplifying Social Advertiser capabilities.

5-second test
Can you understand how that translates into a benefit for you? I seem to get an idea of what it is that they do, social web applications, but I'm not sure. I can't figure out exactly what their message means.

Remember the five second test? Do you think any of their sites, from the facebook ad, fan page, including their website, will pass the five second test?

facebook fan page
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This is their website--

social media website
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So, how do we make this better?

Go fishing
I have a friend, Eric, who loves fishing. I was telling him that I tried fishing a few months ago, but did not catch anything. He asked me what bait I used. I told him that I used the shiny, feathery, and rather expensive bait I got from the department store.

Eric laughed at me. He said those baits were meant to catch fisherMEN, not fish. He said that fish aren't dumb. They know a good juicy worm when they see one. To catch fish, use only bait that fishes want.

Use the right bait
It's the same with marketing. When your communications only talk about yourself and what you do, your message will fall on deaf ears. Nobody wants to listen to someone who only talks about themselves. This is true for both real people and online communications.

To make sure your audience will listen, talk about their problems and how you can help solve them. Offer proof--plenty of them. For every claim that you make, give at least two proof elements to support that claim.