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Good day Jim

I live in South Africa and the internet is only becoming readily available to people now and especially businesses. But very few businesses are using it as a form of advertising and a means of telling people about them and what they do using SEO, social media, articles etc.

I am starting a business that will offer them a service that will do just that. I have a website and I created a basic landing page that was more for SEO purposes but I don't think that is will be effective enough at drawing customers in. So that's why I need you.

I'm gona move my present page somewhere else and the replace it with a more catchy page that will really draw the customers in. So I have 2 options: Either I'll create a buy now button that will allow them to pay on the spot for a set of packages or I'll have a form where they can fill in their details and then I'll get back to them.

Have a good day further

seo website critique

How to stand out from the crowd
From what I understand, you want to offer marketing services in South Africa through your website, is that right?

I don't think you are going to be the first on this category in South Africa. Take a look at this.

You are going to have to differentiate yourself from the competition. Answer these questions:
  • How are you different?
  • Why should they choose your brand?

Give as many answers that you can for these two questions, then pick the ones that best describes your brand. This is how you find the IDEAL marketing message for your website.

Build credibility
Since you came in late to the party, you need to build credibility with your audience. Here are a few tips to get you started:
  • Testimonials. If you have them from previous customers, put them all over your website.
  • Feature case studies
  • Blog about how you can help with their marketing needs

You do not have to place a "Buy Now" button anywhere on your website. To build up credibility with your audience, you may have to hide that button.

Build relationships
I like what you did at the bottom of your page where you offer to make an analysis of their website.

seo website critique analysis

This helps build the relationship between you and your audience. Am I right to assume that you are going to include your pitch when you send them your analysis/report?

Instead of using the "Buy Now" button in this report, offer them something that will help get them closer to being a client--how about a big discount for the first transaction? 50% off would be enticing enough, don't you think? Give them a bonus for referring a friend. Offer an industry white paper for for a tweet or a share on their social network.

Optimizing your site for conversion is an ongoing process. Always test elements of your marketing message. Avoid fluff. When you have to make a claim, quantify and prove why it is so.

Feel free to get in touch with me after you have made these changes to your website.