Marketing - Does It Have To Be This Complicated?

"Hi Jim,
I am providing marketing services for a local client who is a process efficiency and management expert for small to mid-sized manufacturing firms who bring in 10 Million + in annual sales revenue.

I am looking for someone to develop an overall strategic marketing and business development plan that is broken down into a series of on-going actionable steps over an eighteen month period. While this will obviously contain traditional marketing information and structure, I'm looking for a play-by-play game plan that I can execute with local staff, freelancers and Odesk team members.

marketing strategy made easy


This plan will need to be written in plain English, with easy to implement directions, goals, metrics and should be designed to be managed by an Odesk administrative assistant.

Here's a sample of what I'm thinking:

March 21, 2012
Who: Odesk Research Assistant
Marketing Goal: using up to date databases, create a list of 200 companies identifying the following positions, CFO, Operations Manager or President.
Budget: $100 for 10 hours of research at $10 per hour
Marketing Action: Create an Excel spreadsheet that contains name, address, city, state and zip

March 25, 2012
Who: Local Staff / Intern
Marketing Goal: To gain 10 leads
Budget: $200 for the cost of stamps, envelopes and labor
Marketing Action: Send 200 hand addressed letters of inquiry to Plant Operations Managers

We would obviously front load the project with the appropriate industry data, over arching marketing goals and information necessary to begin the project. This plan should be easy to implement, augment and contain appropriate metrics to evaluate success.

Think of this project as if you were writing a plan for a robot, each action will obviously need to have varying levels of creativity as to how it is implemented, however the actions themselves can be very basic, straightforward and to the point.

Thank you for your consideration."


Keep it simple. You do not need "an overall strategic marketing and business development plan that is broken down into a series of on-going actionable steps over an eighteen month period."

Simply find out what it is your target audience wants, then show them how to get it. You can do this with advertising--online and traditional media.

Let's say your client sells widgets.

The first question you need to ask is, "Is there a market for blue widgets at all?" What I mean by this is, does the widget solve a problem?

If the answer is yes, the next questions are, "what makes your widgets different, and why should they buy it?"

You then come up with a marketing copy that will effectively deliver your message to your target audience. Run the campaign, then measure the response.

This may vary, but run the campaign for about three months. Soon as you notice your responses starting to drop, go over your marketing data to find leaks. You then fine tune your marketing message, then run the improved campaign.

This will keep you busy for the next 18 months.