How To Get Your Prospect To Almost Always Read Your Email

I found this on my inbox today. I remember finding their ad on facebook, and curious as a copywriter would be, followed the ad. I must have signed up for their free service and gave them my email--I should have used trashmail instead.

Anyway, I am sharing their email here to point out how these spammers could have done better. Take a look at what they sent me...

Hello Jim,

Your name was referred to us by Nimble as we are a reseller of Nimble in NZ, you will find us at xactsoftwareDOTcom.

We has been in the CRM business since 2000, providing software and services to small to medium business. We have recently taken up Nimble as we were so impressed with the simplicity yet attention to detail that Nimble brings to social CRM.

Any questions you have on Nimble Social CRM or CRM in general, please make contact and perhaps book a demonstration via GoToMeeting with us.

Kind Regards,

Danielle Hermez
Marketing Manager
Xact Software Solution

I entrusted Nimble with my email, but it seems to me that they take my privacy issues lightly-- they gave my email to someone else. Not good.

Because of this, I created a filter for both nimble and xact on my gmail account. The next time they send me something, it goes straight to trash. One more reason why I think email spamming--I mean, email marketing is no longer effective.

Those that do claim that email marketing is still effective are the email marketers themselves. I'd rather invest in sending out direct snail mail. People actually look forward to getting something in their mail box these days.

Remember, the most expensive advertising is the one that doesn't get you any new business.

The body of the email did not offer any benefit for me. Like all the other marketers, they only talked about who they are, what they do and how to contact them.

If you are doing what everyone else is doing, how are you going to stand out?

You can tell this email was crafted by an employee. Whether the email gets a response or not, they did their job. They have something to show to their boss.

They sure did something productive. They got me off my butt and created a filter that will auto-TRASH all other emails from them. As a marketer, this is not what you want to happen.

If you track and measure every effort to get new customers, you will find that messages like these are a waste of time for both you and your prospect.

Effective communications
What you want instead is to keep the lines of communications open. You want your audience to look forward to your next email.

How do you do that?

Instead of sending emails like this, give us something of value. If the software they are marketing is about CRM, then offer us something that's related to this subject.

Remember, your marketing communications has to overcome three objections in your prospects mind:
  • I am not interested.
  • I don't believe you.
  • Not now.

Address these issues each time you talk to your prospect. When you do this, you are 46 percent more likely to convert them. If you have been following this blog, you will know how to make that 46 percent into a higher percentage.