Disappointed With Social Media Marketing?

social media marketing fail

I am starting to see a trend that I think you might want to know.

I have been talking to a number of small business owners these past few months. The one question that I always ask them is this--"How does social media marketing work for you?"

Their answer?

"It doesn't."

Failing to convert
From the feedback that I got from them, engaging in social media does not necessarily equate to more leads.

According to them, social media marketing is like the ads you see on TV and newspapers, only cheaper. Just because you see them everyday doesn't mean people are going to buy.

People "Like" a brand to get Freebies and discounts, but ignore the marketers' status updates the way they ignore ads on TV. The only difference, small business owners say, is that the audience can make comments on these ads.

Interactive spam
It seems to me that advertisements has evolved--it is now interactive. The message is still considered as noise and an unwanted intrusion into the audience's attention.

What is different this time is that social media marketing costs less, and that the audience can comment on the marketer's status updates.

Naturally, my next question was, "To get more leads for your business, what works?"

Online ads--Facebook ads and Google Adwords.


When a person is ready to make a decision, they look for answers. They ask their social network. If they can't find feedback there, they use google and look for reliable product reviews.

If the brand is available on amazon.com, they go there and look up feedback left by people who bought them.

As they go about looking for answers, they find advertising. If the ad seems to offer the solution that they are looking for, they click on it.

What is your opinion on this?