Website Critique For Social Media Marketing Company

Hi, I am looking for an experienced copywriter to review the copy on our corporate website. We are looking for someone who can write engaging sales copy for the website.

Kindly review the content on the website, as well as write new copy were necessary and make recommendations for improvements which we can upload to the site

We require this job to be completed ASAP as the site is live, we have a lot of work of this nature so there good be ongoing work for the right candidate.

Here are screenshots of their websites, above the fold, and below--

Get attention
Your website is visually appealing. The layout is good and keeps the reader focused on the message. Unfortunately, the content fails to gain interest and build desire for your brand.

Above the fold, this is the part that visitors to your site will see when they first land on your website. Right smack in the middle is the image, "Social Media Marketing." Change it.

Offer value
Visitors to your website already know that your site is about social media marketing. You will get better conversion if you had instead used that space to announce what sets you apart from the competition.

Immediately after that, we find--
What We Do… (brand) is focused on helping companies build a great online brand and offers a wide variety of services from SEO to website design.
As you know, social media is all about conversations. This part of your site's copy is doing nothing but talk about yourself. You can do better than that. As your potential customer, tell me how you can build a great online brand for me. Be specific, then back up your claims.

Help them make a decision
On the lower part of your website, the copy for Who We Are, What We Do, How We Do It--The teaser copy used for these, they all do nothing but talk about yourself (again). Imagine you were in a cocktail party. As you mingle, you find yourself with someone who talks about himself all the time. What would you do?

You are better off if you talked about how you are helping your customers with social media marketing. To gain interest and build desire for your brand, do more of the following:
  • Talk to us about benefits we will gain as customers.
  • Show us an advantage.
  • Give us testimonials.
  • What can you do for us that your competitors can't.

Shopping for value
To the reader, your website is just one of the many Internet Marketing sites that they are considering to hire. The way I see it, the only thing that sets your website apart from the competition is the way it looks.

Visually appealing is subjective. What is eye candy for Tom, may not work with Harry. As a social media marketer, you know that content matters most. To get more leads and increase conversion, use better sales copy for your website.