Website Critique For A Gaming Website

"Hi i want to make my website popular? I have an online gaming website but it is not very popular. I have Google Ads but the site only make $1 a month."

First Impressions

The title of your site is "Total Amazing Games" but when we find your landing page, it's all text. What games can we find here? Don't tell us, show us. Include more games, make your site more appealing to your target market by including images, animation, videos, and all that.

Add social sharing buttons.

Remove that sign that says, "Advertise here." It makes your site look unappealing. Focus instead on getting people hooked on your games. When your site is getting enough traffic, advertisers will come knocking on your door.

The color of your text does not contrast well with its background. Use a different color combination, or make the font easier for us to read.

I don't have much to work with here. The site is practically empty at this time. Obviously, it's not going to attract any traffic. You are lucky to have clicks on your ads.

Do these things, then get back with me in a few months.