This 'Road Block' Is Not Good For Business

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I was trying to access two different websites that I previously bookmarked. Each time, I got such a web page telling me that my PC had a virus and that the site owner wanted to be sure that they were protected. Guess what I did? Same as you would have done--Click, Goodbye!

If you own an ecommerce website, you are losing potential customers. I emailed a friend who owned one of these sites to see if he was aware of this "road block."

I am suspecting it could be some kind of malware. I did not do the captcha test. I simply decided to go away. Let's see what comes up on the Internet about this issue.

Six hours later...
My friend emailed his site's tech support, then sent me the reply. They (tech support) said that this was a feature of CloudFlare (or something like that). It's a wordpress plugin and it apparently scanned my pc/network and detected malware--automatically restricting my access to the site.

I am running Linux on my PC. As you know, the Linux operating system is reputed to be the safest operating system in the market today. Just to be sure, I even ran antivirus and found nothing.

Why restrict access to your ecommerce site with such an obstacle? Isn't there a better way to make your website safe without blocking incoming traffic?

Remember the 4-second attention span? To the unsuspecting visitor to this website, the captcha is one more hoop for them to go through. I wonder how this plugin will affect traffic for this website?