Site elements that distract readers [Website Critique]

"Help! How do I increase my blog's traffic? I have a 2-month old blog where I write about computers, phones, seo and money making. The sad thing is that only few people visits my blog. Thank you very much."

website critique

Here are my recommendations

  • You mentioned that your site is (also) about SEO. I am not going to go into how to drive fresh eyeballs to your site. I assume you already know that.
  • What is this site about? Either use the blog's title or description to remind your reader what your site is about.
  • Bury that ad. It takes attention away from what you have to say, and if the ad has better copywriting than your article, people will click on it instead, taking traffic away from your site.
  • Remove the ad. If you want your site to be recognized as a credible source of information, you do not want any ad on your site.
  • You mentioned that this blog was about gadgets, seo, money-making. Would it not be better if you start a new blog site for each of these, instead of lumping them all together? One topic, one blog.
  • Bury the Facebook social plugin. Test after test have shown that hiding social plug-ins help decrease your site's bounce rate by 62%.
  • You have a navigation bar on the top and as a side panel. Use one or the other, not both. Offer too much and readers get lost clicking around, eventually moving away.
  • Visitors to your website are looking for information. Your goal is to establish your site as a credible source of that information. Everything else is just a distraction.