Simple technique to get a response on Facebook

messed up status update

The caption reads--
"Email me a question re. copywriting, marketing or biz building- I’ll answer it on my weekly Ask PW post! Send your ? here:"

How many inquiries do you think this message will get? I was going to ask a question myself, but seeing that I have to send an email to do that, I decided that my question wasn't that important. Too much effort.

If you want to get engagement for your status update, make it easy for your audience to respond. In this case, allow readers to use the comment box below the status update. This way, other readers will see what the questions are, then may choose to join the conversation (Social Proof).

One more thing

It's OK to write as you would when sending SMS, but not with your marketing communications. The reader's mind starts and stop trying to understand what the message is. Writing this way makes your message less effective.