More clicks on your linkbait - here's how

It's a weekend, and you are surfing the internet to chill out. You then find this status update in your newsfeed--

Super Oxide Dismutase: The Anti Aging Factor We Can Change

Will you click on it?

oxide dismutase

Headlines that grab your attention

Unless you are into Oxide Dismutase, you probably did not click on it. This status update, or headline is weak. It doesn't offer anything of value to the reader.

What in the world is an Oxide Dismutase? Why should I care?

Your status update has only four seconds to motivate the reader to your call to action. Your first sentence should announce to the reader--"Here is something you want."

The tag line "The anti-aging factor we can change" was almost there. If the writer only spent a few more minutes tweaking that into a more enticing benefit, they will have more clicks.

Dumb it down a bit

I clicked on the link to visit the website to look for a better headline. I must admit, it was too technical for me. The benefits they were giving in the website were way over my head.

It's not that readers are dumb. They just don't like to think too much. Make it easy for us to understand what it is you want to say. Add to that a sprinkle of motivation, and we will practically be eating out of your hand.