Internet Marketing - What Works, What Doesn't


From testing, I learned that what I thought I knew about internet marketing was wrong. These will not work by itself--will not get you new business:
  • guest blogging
  • 10,000 likes or followers
  • updating blog content everyday
  • updating status updates 3x daily
  • blog commenting
  • SEO

What has worked for me so far?
  • Finding what it is that keeps them up at night, and offering a solution for that.
  • Soon as you figure it out, advertise like crazy. Make sure everyone who is a potential customer will know that you offer a solution.
  • Use this in combination with any of the above and you have an effective marketing campaign.

You will then have more time for your Self, your business, and your family. That's what we are here for, isn't it?

Maybe I should call this something--"Sleepless Marketing"?