How To Promote This Business Startup

"I recently started a business where I sell gift baskets and diaper cakes to new and expectant parents. My products include a combination of bottles, baby clothes, stuffed animals, diapers, baby booties, bath toys, etc.

I need help with advertising ideas. What are some ways I can get the word out about my business? I've had some success through word-of-mouth, but not alot.

Thanks, Miss L"

Here are my suggestions.

  • Don't wait for customers to find you. Get out there on social media and start engaging. Invest at least one hour a day on social media websites to get exposure.
  • If you haven't done so, get on Facebook. Share photos of your work on your personal profile and Fan page.
  • Get location specific ads on Facebook and Google.
  • Your website needs more "meat." Tell us what others think about your creations. How did you make them? What about delivery? What gets people excited about your product?
  • Your product is the type that tugs on people's emotions. Being active on a personal level on social media will work best for you.
  • Run this campaign, track and measure the response. Depending on your market's feedback, fine tune every aspect of the ad to make it better.