Facebook Rains on Hootesuite's Parade

I use hootsuite. Almost all of my status updates, both for personal profile and fan page are scheduled to automatically post via hootsuite.

I don't think my business is going to be negatively affected by facebook's decision about third party apps such as hootsuite.

Do I really need Insights?
I barely check into Insights anyway. I post my Insights chart on this blog once a week, only to monitor how engagement is doing.

In the past, I never used insights as a gauge to monitor engagement anyway. I manage select clients only and I know which status update gets engagement or not. Both fan page and profile points to this website anyway.

What now?
I can still check Insights, but it is not going to bear as much weight as it did before. Everything that I analyze now is going to be with Google Analytics. GA tells me how much of my traffic are coming from Facebook. The important metric that I am watching is traffic towards my sales funnel.

In spite of all this, I believe that things happen for a reason. I look forward to that day when I realize that all this happened for the good of all concerned.

We'll see what happens.