Content Sharing Groups - Good or Bad?

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I found these on my facebook news feed today...

The world’s first collaborative content sharing system.

...allows members to not only share their own content, but that of their clients as well. Sharing works on a point system. Members of the club must accumulate 5 points before they can share one thing of their own. You accumulate points by sharing available content on your network...

This group offers to share your content, but FIRST, you have to share their content with your social network.

I joined several groups like these in the past. It's fun when you are getting started. I joined with the intent to interact with other bloggers, also to learn and give back in gratitude. I decided quit after a month or two. It wasn't exactly the path that I wanted to follow.

Here's why--

  • Take a look at the more successful bloggers in your niche. Did they become that way by joining these groups, or by constantly honing their writing skills?
  • The best bloggers that you follow, do they participate in such clubs? If not, who else do you think will need help sharing their content?
  • Isn't this like a content farm, only that it's decentralized?
  • It's a crutch. In the back of your mind, you know that somehow, some time, someone from the group will share your content with their network of friends.
  • Your attention shifts towards the group's share cycle, instead of improving your writing.
  • I thought you wanted to be recognized as an authority in your niche? Why share average content?

As an alternative, do these--

  • Write more often and share them where and when appropriate--blog comments, facebook, twitter, etc.
  • Keep learning. Improve on at least one element (headline, bridge, call to action) with each blog post.
  • Take note as to what kind of content gets a response from your audience (like, share, comment, etc.).
  • Learn how to use Google Analytics. This tool will help you find leaks in your blog.
  • Experiment on writing different topics about your niche. See which ones get a response.
  • If you can't write on a regular basis, share quality content from the top bloggers in your niche.
  • Test, measure, fine-tune, then test again.