Why I Work My Own Business

I don't know why, but I never lasted more than a year in any kind of job in all of my adult life. The only time I stayed in one job for almost a year was because I had a provincial assignment. My boss did not allow me to resign. If I did, I had to come up with my own plane ticket to go home.



Somehow, I'd find something that would interest me and I am able to earn something doing that. At the end of 1993, I decided that I want to learn aikido. For ten years, that was my vocation. I'd work menial jobs during the day, and at night and on weekends, I was in the dojo.

During my first 12-months of practice, my teacher decided he needed an assistant to maintain his dojo. He paid me to be his assistant and I got to practice for free.

What I earned as dojo assistant was quite small that I had to live with my brother. Often, I had to ask my brother for some money just so I can practice aikido. I did not understand why, but it made sense to "follow my joy."

Looking back, everything turned out well. While practicing aikido, I met Daniel, who was a copywriter and ran his own Direct Marketing Agency in the US. He hired me as his assistant, and he taught me a lot about copywriting.

Everything is connected

When we moved to New Zealand, I still chose to not get a job. I found pokerstars, and for 24 months, played poker as a business. It did not pay well for me, but I found myself blogging about it all the time. To get investors for the business, I taught myself how to market that blog using social media.

That's how I ended up being a copywriter for social media marketing. Back then, I had no idea what I was going to do with what I was doing. Writing about my experience playing poker as a a business was what interest me that time. I shared my blog on different social media websites, and I got a kick getting a response from them.

Shifting energy

One day, a friend of mine mentioned something about oDesk and how writers are making money from that site. I decided to check if it was true. I opened an account and within three days, I got my first copywriting assignment. I then made more money from that one assignment than I did playing poker as a business for two years.

Making the decision to shift to writing full time was easy because of that. I enjoy writing--copywriting to be specific. Ideas come easy for me when I am in the zone. Some writers are not comfortable marketing themselves. For me, getting new customers is like fishing. I am constantly putting out baits, then get really excited when I get a bite.

Here's a paragraph that I want to share with you. It was written by Corbett Barr.

Working a job is dangerously comfortable.

When you work for someone else, life is just comfortable enough to keep you from asking the really important questions.

Sure, you feel like your soul is being crushed every day at work, but at least you get a paycheck, right?

How much of that paycheck is spent on vices and entertainment just to make yourself feel better or to cover up the fundamental lack of fulfillment you feel?

Fear is what keeps most people from doing extraordinary things in life. Most people choose to stay in jobs they hate because they’re scared shitless of the alternative. They’re afraid they don’t have what it takes, that they’ll fail miserably and become homeless embarrassments.

The truth is, if you get past the fear and laziness, there’s no reason you can’t accomplish anything you want.

Jobs keep you just comfortable enough so you never have a strong enough reason to confront those fears and start living your life’s purpose.

Source--3 Reasons to Never Take Another Job