Why Google+ Will NOT Become a Social Media Powerhouse

Betting the farm

I see a lot of people going bullish on Google+. Take a look at this "expert" on the video, they are optimistic that G+ is going to be the big gorilla in the future. For one, Mr. Expert here just wrote a book about G+. It is to his advantage that he go bullish on G+.

If and when action picks up, experts like him are going to shout, "I was right--My predictions were spot on!" In the meantime, they support their claim by showing you the number of members that signed up with G+ in such a short period of time. As mentioned in the video, they'll say that Google is doing everything right this time, blah, blah, blah.

"...Wait and see. It's going to happen soon. And when that happens, remember that I told you so."

Common folks

If you have an account with G+, take a look at who else is posting status updates. They are mostly marketers. Google+ feels like linkedin, but with all the fancy widgets. People are always pushing something, but there's no real conversations going on.

Head back over at facebook and you find average Joe's clicking on likes, sharing content, making comments on average Jane's status updates. I haven't seen that happening on G+ just yet.

Action on Google+ feels like a MLM relative inviting you to have dinner with them. You're not sure you want to go. Everyone else that they invite will find an excuse not to go. That if you did go, it's going to be just the MLM honcho and you. Yikes!

Reliable indicator

How can I tell when G+ is starting to finally get hot?

You probably have friends on facebook whose status updates somehow annoy you. I have a few of those too. When I start seeing friend requests from them on G+, that's my clue to start checking in on G+. When their status updates start flooding my G+ streams, it's time for me to shift my attention away from facebook.

In the meantime, I'm sure I will find you on facebook as well.

Video source - Why Google+ Will Become a Social Media Powerhouse | Social Media Examiner