What your readers want

confusing layout

I did not last ten seconds in this person's website. There's so much marketing material, flash scripts, a pop-up ad that failed to work and now it's blocking the page.

Doesn't all this goop give an impression to the reader saying, "I'm desperate!"

As a first time visitor to the site, I asked myself if there is any value that I can gain from staying longer in the site. Websites like these come across as a "marketing" website. Any information they provide has a string attached to it. I feel like I am bound to get asked to make a purchase sooner or later.

I have two words for this website: Credibility Lost.


A while ago, one of the blogs I am following asked its readers what they think of the pop-ups. Admittedly, the author said they are annoying, but THEY get a benefit out of it--better response rates, more subscribers, etc.

Since she was asking for opinions, I decided to do her a favor and gave her mine. That I never did enjoy them, and found no benefit from it as a reader. Hopefully, I am not going to be the only reader to comment as such.

Looking at the more popular blogs in my niche, you will notice that they do not have pop-ups. Why should my website have one? More importantly, why should yours have them?