Website review of by WooRank | Website review of by WooRank

Now that I have enough content on this site, I am going to start building up page rank. In the coming weeks, I'll be fixing up this site with the intention of bringing up woorank's grade to at least 50.

SEO analysis

I found this useful firefox addon called WooRank. On any website that you want to analyze, right click and select Woorank SEO analysis. It opens up a new tab with woorank's SEO analysis of that particular website.

As you can see in the image above and the included link, I have work cut out for me to improve this site's page rank. I am going to resolve one SEO issue one at a time, documenting the process on this site.

Heading tags

Taking the path of least resistance, I am first going to fix the headings tag of this site. According to the woorank analysis, this site's content does not have enough headings tag in it. Depending on the length of each blog post, I'm thinking one or two h2 tags per blog post is enough.

Since I am going to go through each blog post, I might as well make changes to the image tags' alt attribute as well.