This is not the right way to use hootsuite

Push broadcasting. She broadcast the message in twitter first, then auto-post the same message again in facebook. It's not engaging and people can see right through it.

Win friends and influence others

In real life, this is like someone who keeps talking about herself and doesn't give a damn about anything that you say. She did manage to squeeze in a question, but looking at the context, it was asked simply to get your attention.

It's ok to talk about yourself. People are interested in what you have to say, but do it in a way where you are offering something of value in return for their attention. It's give and take. Social media is all about conversations.

Remember Stephen Covey's "Emotional Bank Account"? As much as possible, in all your social media communications, you are always in deposit mode. Even when you make a small withdrawal (talking about yourself), try to make a small deposit back into the account.


As you know, I use hootsuite whenever I post status updates on facebook. People know that I use my profile and fan page for content curation. When I find something worth sharing, I schedule them on hootsuite. Doing so gives me the opportunity to edit the headline and sub-headlines to make the content more appealing to the reader.

As much as possible, I avoid publishing the same article on two different social media websites at the same time. In those times when the content is really good and has to go out now, I write a different headline/sub-headline for the second, or third hoot.