Status updates - how to get your readers to engage

status update

This status update comes across as self-serving, doesn't it? A big no-no in today's social web. It does not offer anything to the reader. There is no motivation to click on their link.

If these "experts" can't generate engagement for their own website, how in the world are they going to do that for their clients?

Here's another one--

boring status update

How to make this better?

The first sentence on your status update works as your headline. If your headline fails to grab the reader's attention, they will not bother reading the rest of your copy.

For headlines that gets attention, offer your reader motivation to click on your link. Give them in your copy something that they want, or a solution to a problem that they have.

Here is something you want

You have probably seen classified ads from a newspaper or magazine. It's short, but it has to have everything to generate a response. It's the same with your status update. In the first few lines, offer something the reader wants, then lead them to your call to action, which is to click on the link, like, share or comment.

Look to the bottom of the image. The last sentence in this status update would have made a much better headline. "...boost your online business..." It's still weak, but better than the headline that they used. You can still simmer this copy to get more flavor out of it. Boost by how much? Be specific.

Quick and easy

You don't have to write long status updates to get engagement. Sometimes a single sentence can do a lot when combined with quality content.

This gives me an idea for a future topic.

I will keep an eye out for effective status updates that used one-liners plus content, yet generated a lot of engagement. I will take a screen shot of that status update, then share them on this blog. I will also write an analysis as to what made that effective and how we can improve upon it. Does that sound good for you?

Stay tuned.