One reason why your site's bounce rate is so high

share widget

Notice that share widget circled in red? It scrolls up and down with the page, effectively blocking what you are reading. Either you click on share, or click X to close it. Guess which one I clicked on?

Close tab.

I don't get it. They had my attention. I clicked on their linkbait which brought me to their website. If I enjoyed what I saw, I might click on another content, which may cause me to bookmark the site and come back next time.

Websites like these, they have so many widgets that it distracts from whatever message they are trying to convey. Instead of distracting us with useless widgets, why not come up with better content? If I enjoyed visiting your website, I have widgets on my browser so I can share, like or bookmark your site.

I will look for your call to action when I am good and ready.