New - My foot in my mouth

You have known me as a staunch advocate of facebook. Now, I now have a client who needs help managing ALL her social media websites--this includes Google plus.

It's ok with her that I don't care much for Google plus. She only needs someone to manage her community on this side of the fence. Part of the job description is that I do what I do on facebook--share content, interact with people in her circles, etc.

I think this is synchronicity telling me, "Jim, you need to get your b*tt over here and check something out."

Hmm... This is going to be interesting.

Human nature is human nature, whether online or not. What works on one platform will work, with a few tweaks on another. What are my goals here then?
  • Improve engagement
  • Join in on the different conversations going on that is related to our particular niche
  • Increase network size
  • Track, measure response, fine tune, repeat


I am doing linkedin as well ;p