Make it easy for them to click on Like

Internet marketing professionals claim this works for them. They ask for the reader's email address so they have permission to SPAM , I mean, send them marketing communications later on.

Internet marketers claim that, as long as the customer is subscribed, their message are being read somehow when it reaches their inbox.

My own survey

To find out if these spam tactics work, I asked people whom I know are not that tech savvy this question: "Remember that time when you gave your email to a website a year ago? Do you still read email that they send to you?"

Almost everyone said that they stopped reading them after the third email (on average). They had more important messages in their inbox, they don't have time to look through spam--that's what they call marketing emails.

These tech 'un-savvy' people that I spoke with, they either use a disposable email address when they sign up for something (yahoo or hotmail), or use filters on their email so they don't see them go in their inbox.


Do you want repeat traffic for your website?

Create quality content. Stop harassing your readers to your call to action. Simply put your call to action on the side where they can see them.

If they enjoyed the experience they had on your site, believe me, they will come visit again. Each time they return to your site, they are going to bring friends with them as well.

It only takes one click to Like and Share your website. Encourage them to do so by giving readers a positive experience on your website.


It's christmas morning. My wife is still in bed sleeping. The kids were up early to play with their christmas loot. We exchanged gifts last night during 'noche buena'. This way, we can take it easy on christmas day.

Happy holidays!