How Skype Fumbled With This Promotion

I got this on my email inbox today--

skype promotion

Nice, isn't it? With big names like these, unfortunately, there's always a catch...
Simply click claim your free month of calls and sign into your account with your Skype ID and password. Forgotten your password? Reset it easily now.

We’re sure you’ll love calling your world, so we’ll ask for your payment details to make it easy for you to continue your Unlimited World subscription after the free trial has ended. Just let the subscription automatically renew and we’ll take your payment. But don’t worry, you can cancel at any time within the first 27 days of your free month.

Happy calling,

social media marketing

How could they have run this promotion better?

Simple. Always put your customers first. Give the consumers free unlimited free calls for 30 days. No strings attached.

Let them develop the habit of making calls using skype. I am sure they are going to call everyone they know. It builds up their ego. After the 30-days is over, invite them again for a subscription at a deep discount, as much as 50% off for another 30-days, BUT on the condition that the subscriber must "share" this promotion with their social network.

Will this offer not eat at their profits?

Of course it will, in the short term. But look at the other side of the coin. Skype is going to win a lot of loyal customers this way. Loyal customers then become your advocates within their own social networks.

Instead of spending for advertising, rewards your customers instead. This way, you build rapport and goodwill with your customers. Your customers will then be your advocates, telling everyone they know how much they love your brand.

I wonder what oovoo is doing about this?