How choices are made

I have always seen myself as an average person. I look average, my habits are those of an average person given the same demographics. IMO, if I respond to stimuli in a certain manner, there's a good chance that, over a large sample, an average person will respond the same way.

Let me give you an example.

commentluv comparison

Looking for feedback

I wanted to make a choice as to which comment plugin I should use for this website. Should I choose disqus or commentluv? To find out, I asked our good friend, Google. I typed in my query, Commentluv or Disqus. I clicked on the first five results to open in a new tab and scanned through each page.

What really swung my decision was not the author's reputation, nor what they wrote, but the comments made to the article. This is crowdsourcing at its finest.

No strings attached

Almost everyone voted for commentluv. Not only did they specify their choice, they also gave reasons as to why they chose commentluv over disqus. I found this helpful because these people are the end users.

They have no hidden agendas in giving their opinions. They are not there to sell. The reward for them is that their opinion were voiced for all the world to see.

If an average person like myself makes choices this way, you can be sure that others like me will behave the same way.