Here is something you might not know about me

In 2008, my wife and I packed our suitcases and moved with our four children to New Zealand for good. It was both an exciting experience for me, and one full of anxiety.

Everything was new and unfamiliar. We were starting over. It was just me and my family. We knew no one else in this new environment. All of a sudden, everything was quiet.

moving away

Starting over

Over time, we started making new friends. Our inner circle of friends were first people that we worked with. From there, we met moved towards friends with the same interests and passion, widening our circle some more.

Today, we have a wide variety of friends, not just by interest, but of culture as well. It is refreshing to have new friends this way. I began to see a lot of things from a different perspective.

Virtual reality

This is probably one reason why I was adamant to using Google plus. It feels like migrating to a new country. It looks familiar, but the fabric of engagement is different in some way.

These persons are in the same boat as I am--they moved away from what was then familiar and started fresh in a new environment. They too, did not have as many friends in their circle when they got started. All of a sudden, the news feed was empty.

Digital handshakes

To make the transition easier for myself, I am investing as much time and effort on Google plus as I do with facebook. I make it a point to go out of my comfort zone and reach out to someone new. If you are comfortable meeting new people in the real world, you can use the same principles online.

Today, I have almost the same number of friends on Google plus that I did on facebook. The only difference is that I have not known them for a long time. As an immigrant in the real world, I can get used to that, don't you agree?