Get Attention On Facebook

A number of small businesses are joining the social media bandwagon thinking that it's a cure-all to get more business. They create Facebook fan pages, Google plus pages--the works. Then they tell everyone on their wall how great their brand is and why they should buy it.

After a few months and the dust has settled, nobody is following them.


Advertising solution

So they throw more money on the problem. They buy Facebook ads, use Adwords to reach their target audience, still trying to get attention for their brand.

After the advertising budget is spent, I can tell with certainty that their conversion rates would still disappoint them.


Getting attention

I'm going to use the cocktail party metaphor to explain my point. When you go to a cocktail party, you can expect a lot of conversations going on at the same time. If you approach people talking only about yourself, pitching, and selling them about your brand, nobody is going to pay attention.

Social-savvy individuals know this, but not everyone in business gets it.

To be interesting, you need to show sincere interest on what they have to say. You don't have to mention anything about yourself. After they have out-talked themselves, then they will ask about you. If what you have to say interests them, then you have a captive audience. If not, bring attention back to them again.

It works the same way with social media, but on a much bigger scale. As you know by now, in social media, the whole world is practically your audience.

On the internet, to get everyone's attention, you have to give them your attention first.