Facebook Fan Pages - Which Design Works Best

People often ask, "How should I design my welcome page?" or "What other tabs should I put on my facebook page?"

facebook page

As you can see with this website, I always take the zen/minimalist approach in web design. This way, readers can focus on what I have to say, instead of getting distracted by widgets that they don't want to see.

Here is what you want

Remember, people find your site because of the solutions that you offer. Give them just that and nothing more--initially. Your goal is to build trust and goodwill. Do not ask them to sign up for a newsletter or other freebies. They will voluntarily ask for more AFTER you have their trust.

About facebook landing pages, take a look at these--

Bare essentials

Notice that April's facebook fan page does not even have a welcome tab. When you click on her link on facebook, it takes you straight to the page's wall. April Poppe's page has her logo on the left hand conrner and is consistent with her over-all message.

Finding that the content is engaging, it is natural to expect that readers will want to learn more about what April Poppe is all about. They will then find these on her info page--


My two cents--people will always choose quality content and engagement over eye candy. If and when they are ready for more, they will tell you about it.