Disqus Vs Commentluv

I enjoy making comments on other people's blogs. It's like being in a virtual conversation that happens over a period of days. And as you probably know by now, it's a great way to build traffic to your site.

I was finding a number of blogs using disqus on their sites and so I tried disqus on my blog for a few weeks. Here is what it looks like when readers leave comments on my blog using disqus--



As you can see from the image above, the comments are straightforward. They even look like the default comment system that you find on blogger.com. Compare that with leaving a comment on commentluv--


When readers leave comments on a commentluv-enabled blog, they get all kinds of other stuff as well: their own gravatar, a link back to their recent blog post, spam filters (not shown). Too much happening in there isn't it?

Online conversations

Spam commenting is not a problem as some people might think. Since I make it a point to reply to the conversation, I have configured settings to moderate every comment that is made.

Each time a comment is made, I get an email notifying me so. If it's a spam, I can simply delete them. If the comment needs my reply, I can do so at a more timely manner.

With such incentives for the reader--an opportunity to participate in the conversation, my website has a better chance of getting bookmarked. This helps improve bounce rate, gets more returning traffic, and more importantly, makes my site a part of 'their' community.