Blogger Sites on Dial-Up Speed

I have two broadband connections for work. One is a wired connection which goes to my children's pc, and I also have a wireless connection for my workstation.

The wireless internet connection, the one that I use on my pc, when it reaches 100% of my bandwidth allocation, it switches back to dial-up speed.

dial up


Today, the wireless broadband topped 100%. It takes like forever for websites to load. With nothing else to do, I decided to make drafts of topics I want to write about in the coming days. To my surprise, blogger was loading faster than any of the other websites. It's as if my internet connection was still on broadband.

I do blog commenting on my free time. At dial up speeds, a number of the blogs that I follow (built on wordpress) took more than a minute to load. Blogger sites load within ten seconds.

Call me shallow, but I am happy with this.