Back So Soon?

Guess what? I am back with odesk.

I know--I'm wishy-washy. I change my mind a lot. I think that when I made that announcement a few posts back, I wasn't feeling well. As I write this post, I am recovering from flu. I guess things were on a downward spiral back then.


As a writer, these things have to come out in my writing. Unpredictability. That's what makes writing enjoyable, doesn't it?

What made me go back to odesk?

I decided to allow my odesk profile to charge higher rates and not care whether I get business or not. I found some of my best clients from odesk. I've helped them grow their business over time. I like that kind of challenge where I am part of helping grow a business from scratch.

I get a new gig from odesk every month. I can have more if I wanted to. A number of inquiries I get mention the fact that their budget can't afford it. I can choose to lower my rates to accommodate them, hoping to get a good feedback in the end, but it doesn't work out that way.


If the project was something that interests me, I offer to work pro bono for them, but on the condition that once they agree on the marketing plan, we stick to it no matter what. For compensation, they can pay me a dollar minimum for all the trouble, and that if things start to work out, they can choose to make the agreement win-win.

Do people take advantage of me this way? Surprisingly, they don't. Two things happen. In the first scenario, we work out a win-win agreement wheer I get compensated in the long run. The other side of the coin is that people don't want to be indebted, so they choose to work with a contractor that's easily within their budget.

Either way, it's still win-win for all concerned, don't you agree?