Kids, writing and getting in 'the zone'

My youngest son, Marcus, did not go to school today. He had asthma last night. I have four kids, three girls and one boy. You can imagine how noisy this home can get when everyone is in the house. To top that, every now and then, they bring their friends for a sleep over.

On days when I know I can't get any creative work done, either I do manual labor, or simply write about it. And that is what I chose to do now.

When there are kids at home, the TV is on loud, someone is going to come seeking attention, two are arguing over a toy. The distractions never end. Just now I had to pause my writing as Marcus was asking if he can have his sister's Popsicle. If I gave in to his request, his sister is going to ask for a replacement. When everyone else sees that she gets a junk food regardless of the reasons why, they too, will ask for a junk food.

It never ends.

It's frustrating when ideas start flowing and suddenly a kid grabs your attention because ...?

This is why I schedule all my writing during weekdays when the kids are in school. Mondays to Fridays, it's just me and the cat sleeping in the bed. From 9am to 2pm, I have all the time to myself for writing. It's important that I have long stretches of time.

It is easy for me to get into the zone and only takes a few minutes. I first write about anything that comes to mind. This is enough to get me in the zone. When I have nothing more to write, I take a break. By the time I get back, I put on my editor's hat and start polishing on what I have just written.

When I am done editing, I let everything compost for a few hours. This lets my mind go over everything. I get a few ideas now and then on how to make it better. When I am done composting and there is nothing else for me to do to improve my work, it's time to publish/send the work to the client.

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