Wordpress for the last time

I finally settled with blogger.com. I tried wordpress because of the feedback I have been seeing with my social network, but it's not for me. I spend more time working on the site instead of blogging.

I decided to get a domain name for this site. I was thinking of using that for the wordpress site I had. Problem was, there was barely any documentation from the web server that hosted my wordpress app. On godaddy.com's side, the documentation read like japanese to me. I couldn't understand it.

Searching for solutions, I found a tutorial for blogger. It was easy and they had specific instructions on how to configure godaddy. Following the tutorial, I had the domain name pointing to my blogger site. Less than an hour later, the domain name worked.

There were other small things that counted against wordpress for me. Plugins. It takes a lot of effort to look for one that I will suit my need, then I have to configure them to make it work. Most of the time, the plugin did not work and it's back to square one for me. All that time, I could have spent better blogging and building my business.

For some people, they love wordpress. This is the nth time that I've tried wordpress and it did not work out for me. I am going to stick with blogger, until I finish my flask web app and move everything there. You'll know when that happens when jimssyap.com suddenly has a pythonic look and feel to it.

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