What No-Bullshit SEO is about

NON-Bullshit practice of "SEO" is about--
  • adding value to the web
  • creating unique and engaging content
  • improving traffic and conversions (not just rankings)
  • understanding web-site technology (html/css, programming, .htaccess files, site architecture, internal linking structure, anchor text, how search engines crawl websites, page speed, etc etc etc)
  • understanding the bigger picture - how web optimization fits into different business models, how it should integrate with other marketing channels
  • understand how search engines judge backlinks (linking c-blocks, linking root domains, historical backlink acquisition, link velocity etc etc etc)
  • understanding the concepts of other inbound marketing channels
  • the art and science of keyword research - search volume, rankings, competitiveness, search intent
  • an understanding of social media, how it improves not only rankings but trust and authority for a business and how its another effective inbound marketing channel
  • use technical knowledge only to serve the greater good of valuable content
  • testing, measuring and tracking everything
  • being completely transparent with their clients about everything they do
  • does not claim to know secrets about Google
...and brings a measurable and substantial ROI for their clients over the long term

"Bullshit" practice of SEO is
  • gaming the system to get good rankings for the short term
  • spamming the web with links, duplicate articles/content, blog comments
  • submitting to 300 directories and calling it "linkbuilding"
  • buying links
  • writing content only for the sake of "SEO" full of typos, useless information, and no value and calling it "copywriting"
  • only measuring "rankings"
  • will not disclose everything they do with clients
  • trying to game the system in any way
  • gets them hundreds of spammy, low quality backlinks, leaving the client screwed in the long term
  • claims to know secrets about Google or can guarantees #1 rankings
....and then charging people for it, in effect ripping them off

To what extent is SEO a bullshit industry? - Quora.

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