This site is losing traffic--find out why

The link bait read, 'Top 10 mistakes to avoid in social media'. But when I clicked on the link, the site only gave me item #9 of the top 10 list. I couldn't find the link for the rest of the list. Click on the image below and see if you can find them.

Instead of wasting my time looking for the 'next' link, I used Google and found a different site that gave me better content.

The author of this top 10 list should include one more--Make it easy for us.

If you are going to write a top 10 list, give us everything in one page. Be concise. Chopping them up into different pages will only take away from our short attention span. First, I'd have to look for the link to find the next item. Second, it will take time for your pages to load.

The site owner probably thinks it's good for site metrics. In a sense, yes. People will spend more time in their site, but it's because we are trying to figure out site navigation, then waiting for the next page to load.

Now you see what the term 'link bait' means? It's a bait to get people to click on the link that will lead to the website.

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