This marketing copy no longer works in Web 2.0

* I couldn't get a good screenshot of the whole page, and decided to chop it up into small pieces so you can see them.

You probably noticed it too -- the copy is hard sell. Website copy like these no longer works in Web 2.0. It doesn't hold credibility, even if it claims to give you money back guarantee. People today know that there will always be a loop-hole preventing them from getting their hard-earned money back.

"So Jim, what will work?", you are probably asking now.

If this was a product that I am sharing (not selling), I'd do things differently. First, do what apple did in the early days of the macintosh. Find a small niche of users that will embrace your brand. I'd give these people a free copy of the product to play with. If the product works as I claim they will be, this select community will be my advocates in the bigger community.

Now for the website. I will gain more credibility points by making a blog. The point of the blog is not to sell the product, but to document process. I'd blog about how I am constantly working on the program, improving it. I'd blog about how I use the product live, in real time. To gain credibility (this is important), I will highlight the downside of the product, but elaborate my efforts on how I am improving them.

I will join different forex communities, offering solutions while making myself a valued member of their community. Again, no hard selling. No spam.

Another reason for the blog is to publish "question and answer" posts on a regular basis. Posts like these are great for SEO (search engine optimization), as well as SMO (social media optimization). This means that a lot of keywords will automatically be included in the site, and people will find content that is relevant to what they are looking for.

Take the blog you are reading now as an example. Imagine if I created a website like the one above. It will be full of sales and marketing catch-phrases. "Buy now!" "Money back guarantee!" "Here's what other people are saying!"

Next time you come across my URL, do you think you will click on it again? Probably not. Why? Nobody wants being sold to. I had a relative who was into MLM once. Every chance he'd get, he will talk to me about joining his business. I wouldn't want my site to be like that.

Instead, I offer information on my blog. I write about my thoughts, and opinions about a lot of things. A number of times, I'd get into trouble for them, and it's fine with me. The site gets publicity.
"Jim said that? Where? In his website? Holy shit. He did! Let me share this with my friends on facebook..."

See what I mean?

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